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Norcal Baseball Team


The old bat-and-ball game known as baseball has a rich history. The game of rounders has been noted to be where modern day baseball has been derived from. References to the game have been made in various pieces of literature that can date back to 1744. In the United States, ball clubs began to gain popularity and more organized. Soon, amateur clubs found a place in permanence called The Major League.

Over the years, the game of baseball in America has grown just as the game is played. Slow and steady with patience and bursts of legendary performances, baseball is indeed thought of as the all-American sport.

Along with the technique, athleticism, sportsmanship, and appeal to fans from all over, there has always been an alluring factor to the game of baseball that is hard to explain. Since the beginning of the organization of baseball, families, friends, and fans alike have made it apart of their summertime memories. This may be a contributing reason to why the game of baseball is sometimes referred to as “America’s Pastime”.

Memories are created while at the ballpark. Songs and poems have been written about the game. The crack of the ball against the bat and the crescendo of the stadium’s voice is enough to bring anyone back to the moment in their youth when they sat in the stands. Baseball is a solid piece of Americana that will never cease to lose its appeal to those who want to see legends exceed expectations or even fall short of them.

What can be said about baseball is that it is a sport played in anticipated slow motion. The players sprint, pause, and methodically step into the direction of home plate. The magic of baseball is that everyone is involved. Emotional involvement is a large part of any sport.

With baseball, however, it always feels as if every game is in your own backyard. You root for your home team, because it was your father’s home team. You root because it will be your kid’s home team. Baseball fans are apart of the team as much as the team players are.

What precedes baseball games today is the history and mythology of legendary players and games from generations before. What baseball is met with is a challenge to push forward with new legends without losing the magic of an American pastime that anyone with a heart can enjoy.


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